Somehow I missed that "The Warriors" was ported to PSP/Vita and is available on the PSN. I spent much of last night bopping some Destroyers who were foolish enough to attack our main base camp.

The place I work is doing a full upgrade of all their computers, exchanging their iMacs (circa 2009-2010) for component based towers. One of the computers is an 2012 27 inch iMac, that was a full-on free applecare replacement for a 2010 computer that kept having HD and graphics card issues. Apple had replaced the…

I think my nice humpday lunch (as touted by today's link) will be Omar's Kitchen and Bakery (Middle Eastern Food). I first noticed this place when walking by, and the line out the door extended across the next four storefronts. I immediately made a mental note "must come back here, there must be a good reason so…


I'm close to beating playthrough one of Tactics Orge (I played Chaotic rout), and I feel I need a break from it before I go through the Lawful/Neutral paths. At the moment I'm thinking about downloading Disgaea 3 for my next RPG/sRPG.

How does the Sony All Stars PS3/Vita deal work (or has it expired?). Do you need a retail/physical copy of the PS3 game, or if you buy it from the PS store, does it include the Vita version as well? Any info would be appreciated.